• Showcase

    "If you want to go farther, you've got to go together". Here are some initiatives by the festival!

    Reef Clean-Up

    A step towards restoring the condition of the reefs!

    Marine debris is rubbish or litter that finds its way into the marine environment. Certified divers on the day would get a chance to help clean up the mess caused by humans. However small, but a significant step in spreading awareness about the condition of our oceans.

    Beach Clean-Up

    Today, plastic has been found in 62% of all sea birds and in 100% of sea turtle species.

    A problem as big as plastic in the ocean requires a big response! Let's take a step to clean it up at the source!

    Supporting the Local Community!

    Growing together!

    Diving provides a major source of employment and livelihood to the local communities. There's no better way to show appreciation other than integrating it with this wonderful activity!

    India's first Underwater Sports Team!

    Representing India at international tournaments

    Join the campaign to get India's first Underwater Sports team to represent at tournaments around the world!