• The Visitor Zone

    Don't wanna dive? Well, there's sooooo much more that you can still do!

    Photography Exhibition

    Adventure sports through the lens

    Experience the adventure sports and underwater world through the lens of some renowned photographers.

    Talks & Screenings

    Speakers and Movie Screenings

    With so much diving around you, it'll be ideal to soak in a little more through the experts when they talk about diving and everything around it!

    Water Sports!

    Tonnes of activities to choose from!

    You can enjoy a plethora of water sports when visiting Murudeshwar just by the beach*

    Beach Football


    Really don't need to say more. Come chill with the crew after your dives and kick some ball!


    A fun 2 v. 2 Game!

    A popular beach sport in the US which you'll get hooked onto in no time!